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What To Do About A Noisy Automatic Garage Door

An automatic garage door will make some noise, but should never be so loud that the sound is annoying. The change in noise may happen gradually over the years, where the change is so subtle that you do not realize the change in noise until it has reached its peak. Your garage door doesn't need to stay that way forever, since there are some ways to fix a very noisy automatic garage door.

Here are some solutions to fix some specific types of noise.

Loud Screeches

Are you hearing a loud screeching sound when opening or closing the garage door? This could be due to metal that is scratching against another piece of metal. It can happen for a few reasons.

For starters, the automatic garage door may be off balance, which is causing a side of your door to rub against the metal track that the door resets in. It's also possible that your door just needs to have more lubrication added to it.

Contact a garage door contractor to adjust a door that seems to be off balance, since it may be outside your ability to fix it. They can also apply the proper type of grease to the track so that it moves smoothly.

Bangs and Pops

Does the garage door make sounds that are sudden and unexpected, such as loud bangs and pops when the door is in motion? These sounds may be enough to startle you when you enter or leave your garage. These sounds are often due to a tension spring problem and occur when the spring has lost much of its flexibility and now needs lubrication.

A banging sound can also be caused by panels that have become loose and are touching each other. When the panels rotate when rolling up or down, they are rubbing up against another panel and creating a loud sound. This can be fixed by tightening the hinges that may have become loose.


Sometimes the sound is originating from the opening mechanism and not the actual garage door. Grinding can occur if the motor is starting to fail on the opening mechanism. It is best to have this problem fixed sooner rather than later, which could result in a cheap repair rather than an expensive replacement.

For more info about fixing odd sounds that your home's automatic garage door is making, reach out to a local garage door repair specialist.