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Choosing A Great New Garage Door

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3 Steps To Take To Prepare For Garage Door Installation At Your Home

With the right care and maintenance, the garage door that you have in your garage will probably give you around 30 years of good use before it needs to be replaced. However, you may even decide to replace the garage door well before the end of its lifespan simply because you want a new look. Whatever your reasons are for replacing the garage door, you should know that this is a project that is best handled by professionals because installing a garage door is not something most homeowners have the tools and skills to do. Here is a look at a few things you can do, however, to ensure the project goes off without a hitch. 

Plan to keep your car in another location. 

While the old garage door is being installed and removed, you definitely will not want your vehicle parked in the way. Plus, the driver bringing the equipment and new garage door will need ample parking space near the garage door. Therefore, it is for the best if you find a temporary place to park your vehicles so they are out of the way. You could:

  • Park your car at the curb in front of your home if possible
  • Park your car in a dry area of your yard
  • Park your car at a neighbor's house temporarily 

Remove clutter from around the garage door. 

The process of removing a door so large and installing a new one will require ample space for the professionals to move around. In some cases, if the garage door is a different size or shape than what you already have, the installer may even have to install a new frame. If this is the case, everything around the sides of the door opening will have to be taken down and removed. 

Make arrangements for pets and children to be in safe areas.

A garage door can be an extremely heavy thing. Torsion springs are dangerous to be around during installation. And contractors installing a garage door need minimal distractions and full concentration. Having a pet running loose, whether it is a cat twirling around the contractor's legs or a dog begging for attention, is not a good idea. Likewise, children should be kept out of the area so they will be safe and not cause distractions. Before the installer arrives to get to work, make sure your pets are contained and you have arrangements so your children will not be outside unattended. 

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