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Choosing A Great New Garage Door

I have always been one of those people who wants a gorgeous home, which is why I realized my place needed a brand new garage door. I started looking into different makes and models, and before I knew it, I was able to find one that really worked well for my home aesthetic and my budget. It was phenomenal to see just how much better my place looked with the new door, and I was impressed with the difference that it made. This simple website is here to help homeowners with the kind of decisions they need to make to improve their home. Check it out!


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Garage Door Replacement Is A Smart Remodel

When it comes to exterior residential upgrades, homeowners often overlook their garage doors. Most people will invest in their windows or entry doors before they think about updating their garage. But, the garage is a very important part of your overall home style. Replacing your garage doors is a surprisingly cheap and easy home upgrade. This article gives you a basic guide to garage door replacement. It should help you decide how much of your garage door system needs to be replaced by a service like Wise Garage Doors and how much of the work you can do yourself.

Can You Replace Just the Panels?

First of all, you need to decide if you want to replace your entire garage door system or just the panels. In many cases, homeowners will keep their entire garage system and only replace the panels. This is perfectly fine if your garage is currently working great and you have removable panels. But, some garages don't have removable panels. Many modern garage doors consist of individual frames that hold the individual panels. So, you can remove each frame from its panel and replace with a new product (bought directly from the manufacturer).

However, many homeowners replace their entire system, either because they are forced to or because they choose to. If your garage door is not functioning properly, if the motor is loud, or if everything just seems a little outdated, you can have your entire system replaced. This is obviously a far more expensive, time consuming, and inconvenient project.

Choosing the Best Panel Material

Homeowners also need to decide what material they want for the panels. The panels are the most important visible part of your garage door, and different materials are going to require different maintenance and give your home a different look. For instance, hardwood panels are extremely stylish and well-liked by homeowners because it enables them to customize them the panels to match with other wooden design features around their home. Hardwood panels are stylish but also more expensive and time consuming to maintain. Because of this, many homeowners will opt for a low maintenance and affordable product like vinyl or fiberglass. It really matter personal opinion, but also of your ability to handle the required maintenance.

No matter how you look at it, garage door replacement is a very smart home upgrade. It is also a project that is usually cheaper and easier than most people expect it to be.