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Choosing A Great New Garage Door

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Wooden And Vinyl Garage Panels Compared

As far as home remodels go, it is hard to think of an upgrade that is as affordable and effective as garage door replacement. Updating your garage door can drastically change the style of your home. Many people don't think about replacing the garage door, but it is a major style element in any home. On many homes, the garage is the closest thing to the curb, meaning it is highly visible. So, replacing your garage door is a smart decision if you want to upgrade your style. Also, garage door replacement is popular among homeowners who spend a lot of time in their garage. Regardless of your reason for choosing to replace your garage doors, you need to consider the replacement panel material closely. The panel material is going to have a big impact on the insulation, style, and maintenance requirements of your garage door.

Energy Efficiency

Most people who install new garage panels are going to appreciate the fact that modern products are lighter and more energy efficient than ever. This is important for homeowners, especially in cold climates. If you want great insulation, you can find just about any material made with extra insulation. That is, there are products that have extra insulation on the inside backing of the panels. However, aluminum is not a great insulator because it transfers heat quite quickly. This is one reason that many homeowners are now favoring products like vinyl.

Vinyl Panels

Vinyl is a material that is ideal for garage panels in many ways. First of all, vinyl is a decent insulator, it is perfectly waterproof, and it does not need to be painted. Basically, it is very easy to own in any climate.

Hardwood Panels

Many homeowners want a more natural looking material, so they prefer hardwood. Hardwood garage panels usually have a vinyl or fiberglass back. That is, the actual structure is not 100% wood. This is important because wood can warp and swell when it gets wet. So, if you have panels that are 100% wood, they can be a little fragile. Moisture and temperature changes can affect the functionality of your panels, making it more difficult to open and close your garage. As you can see, panels that just have wooden veneers on top of vinyl or fiberglass are far more stable and reliable than those that are 100% wood.

Wood and vinyl are both great choices for your garage panel replacements. Contact a company like Doors That Work, inc. for more information and assistance.