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I have always been one of those people who wants a gorgeous home, which is why I realized my place needed a brand new garage door. I started looking into different makes and models, and before I knew it, I was able to find one that really worked well for my home aesthetic and my budget. It was phenomenal to see just how much better my place looked with the new door, and I was impressed with the difference that it made. This simple website is here to help homeowners with the kind of decisions they need to make to improve their home. Check it out!


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Signs Your Commercial Garage Doors Need To Be Replaced

There are many reasons to use commercial garage doors for your business. Commercial doors open and retract high into a warehouse or commercial building's ceiling, allowing for large machinery or shipments to come in and out of the building successfully.

When your commercial garage doors are not operating as they should, production on the job site can cease entirely, or at least slow down. Worse, a faulty commercial garage door can become a health and safety hazard. Call your commercial door installation and repair expert if you notice any of the following problems with your garage doors.

Stuttering while opening or closing

Commercial garage doors should make a gentle hum and jolt slightly when they are activated, but they should not jumble, shake, or stutter while they are in operation. Worse yet, commercial garage doors should not come to a sudden halt unless an emergency button was pressed or the mechanism was turned off manually.

If your commercial garage doors operate as if they are being pulled on or are acting sluggish, call your commercial garage door repair and installation expert right away. Your garage door tracks may simply need to be lubricated, or there may be something wrong with the motor.

Slow response when activated

Your commercial garage doors may not operate as quickly as they used to, or theymay not work at all unless you are standing very close with an automatic door opener. Slow-responding garage doors can cause an accident, especially if your company relies on a strict schedule in and out of your building to keep production as profitable as possible.

Change the batteries in all automatic garage door openers first, then call your commercial garage door installation and repair expert if new batteries don't fix the problem. There may be a sensor issue in your garage doors that needs to be fixed.

Damaged doors

While commercial garage doors are designed with durability and strength in mind, slamming into garage doors and constantly opening and closing the mechanism can wear out the unit over time. Damaged garage doors that have chips in the metal, dents, and other major flaws not only look bad, they can be dangerous. Garage doors that are damaged may not operate on their tracks as effectively as they should and can slam down and cause serious problems or even injury. Always call your commercial garage door installation and repair expert if you suspect anything is wrong with your garage doors.