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3 Important Parts To Maintain For Optimal Garage Door Performance

The garage door is one of the more important components of your home to maintain. So that you can avoid costly repairs and replacements, you need to get in the habit of taking care of the following garage door parts. 


The track is what your garage door travels along when it opens and closes. It does have a tendency of collecting dirt and debris over time, which can then affect your garage door's performance. So that they don't, get in the habit of cleaning this track often.

If you're cleaning by hand, be sure to use a microfiber towel. It's composed of tiny fibers that attract dirt particles effectively. For residues that are really hard to remove, consider using a wire brush. Just make sure you don't scrub too hard to where you damage the track in any way. 


Sensors are a pivotal aspect of your garage door as they prevent it from going down when objects or people get in the way. However, every now and then these sensors will malfunction, causing your garage door to stop or reverse unexpectedly.

If this keeps happening, chances are your sensors are dirty. What you'll need to do then is wipe them down with some warm water and liquid soap. If that doesn't do the trick, then your sensors may not be properly lined up. Some adjustments may be necessary to get them back to functioning normally again. 


One of the more important parts of your garage door to maintain is the chain. For safe and effective operation, this chain needs to be lubricated on a consistent basis. This does two things: it helps your garage door function quietly and also extends the life of this chain.

A great lubricant you should consider applying to your garage door chain is lithium grease. It has special ingredients that won't cause dirt and other debris to collect on the chain's surface over time. It also comes in a spray can, which helps you easily administer lubricant all over the chain. It's also important to make sure this chain doesn't have any slack. If it does, adjustments need to be made before serious complications occur.

For your garage door to work like it should over the years, you need to keep up with maintenance. Focusing on major parts -- such as the chain, track, and sensors -- can help you avoid costly and stressful issues in the future.

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